Name : Lauren DiCorcia

DOB: December 4th, 1998

Age : 11 years old

Date of Therapy : January, 2009

Disease Treated : Autism

Lauren’s Stem Cell Progress (an email to other parents from Mrs. Dicorcia)


Thought it would be a good time to sit back and reflect on Lauren’s progress since her Stem Cell treatment last January, 2009. Most of you know the story but a few are “new” parents to so I will back up and tell you that we took Lauren for Adult Stem Cell therapy.

The center used her own stem cells drawn from her hip bone marrow, centrifuged the next day, then reinserted via lumbar puncture the following day (2.95 million cells). Both procedures were quick and not invasive at all.


Initial Results


We immediately saw significant improvements in our daughter’s behaviors, focus, hyperactivity, and insomnia. I would rate a general improvement of about 40% – this is HUGE for a family living with autism.

Our daughter started sleeping through the night for the first time (10 years old and yet up every night) since stem cells. Lauren is happier just in her own skin – so much less frustrated and just generally happier. She is getting through her one-on-one therapy more quickly, better focused, and more compliant.

Of course, it amazes me that this simple, non-controversial therapy cannot be done here in the United States.


Results After One Year


At the year mark, I look back and feel truly blessed at the progress she has made. Her frustration level went from about 75% to 10%. Her hyperactivity probably 99% to 20%. Her leg squeezing about 90% to 1% – although she has picked up another stim – flapping objects, however is much more easily redirected.

Her cognitive abilities have greatly improved (I think she is the teachers pet this year! Never been able to say that beforeJ) Her expressive language, always very low, has improved with knowing when to say “please” and “thank you” and requesting now BEFORE she has a meltdown or needs to be prompted.

Her receptive language went from about 80% to 100% making her much more compliant. Her sense of humor is hysterical – she teases us now. Her social interaction has also improved with being more interested in who is around and not finding another room away from everyone. Her loudness has decrease from 110% to about 15%….Our house is a much more peaceful place. Oh yes, and she still sleeps through the night and most days I am dragging her up at 8am for school!

Granted, she is definitely still Autistic, but what a great year she has had and our family is so thankful for that ! Maybe we’ll go again…

Thanks for following us on this journey and for your prayers and support!


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