Year of birth: 1931

Job: Not Specified

Marital status: Not Specified

Disease treated: Parkinson’s disease


Although, it’s been 16 long years since I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease; it has taken many ups and downs. With each passing year, my efforts to survive with the condition are increasing day by day; making everyday task more challenging to me. One of such efforts forced me to know more about autologous stem cells treatment and its effectiveness in treating virtually incurable diseases such as Parkinson’s disease.

I might as well came across with the fact that stem cells and their therapeutic applications are truly on bench side, and it would take years for them to actually bring them to the bedside. But for people like me, who have undergone all sorts of treatment including steroidal drugs and deep brain stimulation and could last with nothing in hand but hopelessness; stem cells therapy would initially be just another treatment that we can try for!


My symptoms were no different from other people such as tremors, changes in posture as well as overall increase in my sense of frustration. But through all this, I have found my own level of comfort and inspiration; which allowed me to take a risk and go ahead with stem cells treatment. While stumbling through the internet for various stem cells treatment clinics, I came across one such clinic that was offering autologous stem cells treatment. I had been to their facility and was happy with their initial hospitality, counseling and facility; where my stem cells will be processed.


I had been counseled to be ready for extraction of some fat and bone marrow from my own body; I thought the procedure will be too lengthy and cumbersome, but to my surprise, everything was just so smooth and easy going. The love and care that has been extended to me by their staff and hope that was offered to me by their experts was quite astonishing.

Due to my age, I was offered stem cells through IV mannitol and was asked to go back home same day. I had been offered some routine plan of exercises and fitness.

Letter from Margrethe

“…I am very happy with the results and improvements after my stem cell treatment, I live in Silkeborg, Denmark and have been practicing as a qualified physiotherapist for many years…”

I was first diagnosed in 2007 but I knew long before that something was not right.

As most other Parkinson’s patients I began to feel that walking became difficult, I felt restless, had gastrointestinal problems, had tremor and had problems with the balance – for instance I could not walk backwards.

After stem cell treatment I went to see my neurologist who was very surprised to learn how I had improved.

I have improvements in all of the above described symptoms. Further he advised me to take some Herbal medication which makes me sleep much better – I do not know if the better sleep is due to the stem cells or the herbal medication. But the good thing is that you do not get addicted to the herbal medication as with normal sleeping pills.

“…I am very happy with the results and improvements after my stem cell treatment…”


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