Martin Marinov is a 5 year old child from Bulgaria who was delivered as a preterm baby and suffered asphyxia during childbirth. Unfortunately, the loss of oxygen for a few precious seconds resulted in some brain damage to the child leading to a condition known as Cerebral Palsy. Although Martin was mentally very sharp and alert, his main symptoms were inability to sit or stand, inability to hold his neck, severe spasticity in the limbs and lack of speech. Martin’s parents tried medication, physiotherapy etc but there was no improvement in his situation.

That is when a neurologist in Sofia suggested stem cell therapy as a treatment to the family. The neurologist also recommended that they seek treatment with Advancells in India. Martin’s mother got in touch with the councillors at Advancells over email and everything was explained in detail about the therapy. They arrived in India on March 2016 for the therapy. Adult autologous bone marrow derived stem cells were used for Martin’s therapy. These cells were obtained from the bone marrow derived from his hip bone. After an enrichment process, they were injected back via Lumbar Puncture and IV. Procedure went without any complications and was tolerated well. They returned home after 5 days of physiotherapy with clear instructions on how to continue with physiotherapy.

5 Month Follow Up

Martin Marinov received stem cell therapy for Cerebral Palsy in March 2016. His 5 month follow up was done in Sofia, Bulgaria. Martin’s mother reported that he is more alert mentally and the spasticity in his body has reduced considerably. He is now able to hold his neck for a much longer period of time and is also able to speak longer and meaningful sentences that can be understood by general people. His walking is still week and he has been advised a change in physiotherapy for the same.

Martin’s parents are looking to get one more round of stem cell therapy done in few months time and hopefully his condition will continue to improve further.



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