Name :  Mr. BK Aggarwal

Age : 58 Years

Date of Therapy : Feb 1st 2022

Disease Treated : Type 2 Diabetes

I am suffering from Diabetes Type-2 since 1990. I came to know that stem cell therapy helps in Diabetes Type-2. I contacted stem cell therapy centers in the USA and Costa Rica. In the USA they are not doing this therapy for Diabetes Type-2 in the absence of FDA approval. The cost in Costa Rica is many folds which was beyond my pocket. I contacted several stem cell therapy centers in India and Advancells, Noida found most suitable for me.

I was connected to Ms Meenu Saini (Senior Executive-Patient Care) who helped me a lot to understand the procedure and its long-term effects.
I was very much worried about the complicated procedure of registration and admission to the hospital as we have come from Dehradun. Advancells have helped us a lot, whether an appointment with the Doctor, pathology tests on the first day of admission in the ICU or administering stem cells through Intravenous Injection or administering stem cells in specific organs (Pancreas) through small surgery same as Angiography on the second day. The process was very smooth.

Ms Swati was present with us till the late hours of the night when the surgeon came late in the night due to his busy schedule. I wish Ms Swati Sharma great success in her life. आने वाले समय में ईश्वर से उसके सुखी और प्रगतिशील जीवन की प्रार्थना करता हूँ |

Presently, I am unable to comment on the results and improvement because it is too early and the effects will be visible only after a few months as informed by the doctor. My experience with Advancells was great and I am looking forward to improvements in the coming day.