Year of birth: 70 Years (1948)

Date of Therapy – 23rd February 2018

Disease treated: Alzheimer / Dementia

“I am thankful to you, at least you guys are trying to put an end to this disease,” said Mr Jagtej Singh, a vibrant young professional, who experienced the harsh realities of Dementia and loss of mobility in a very hard way. More than 10 years ago, his father was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative condition called Dementia.

It was a game changer for the entire family that 60 years old humorous and goofy person like Mr Jagtej Singh suddenly stopped playing with his grandchildren, lost his patience and is in need of constant support and care.


Mr Singh was suffering from dementia and had difficulties performing his day to day activity. Doctors diagnosed him with progressive dementia, wherein the brain loses its cognitive abilities like memory, movement and in extreme cases, a patient may lose his independence like Mr Jagtej Singh.

His son Mr Jagjit Singh was very determined to find the right treatment for his father, during his intensive search he came across Advancells – Stem Cell Therapy Centre. He immediately got in touch with us and shared his medical reports. Our team guided him thoroughly about the treatment nitty-gritty; upon which he was convinced with the fact that his father might be benefitted with stem cell therapy. Mr Singh underwent therapy in February 2018.


It was a three-day affair for Mr Singh and his family. He had to undergo few blood tests and some other essential investigations. The stem cell therapy was planned for the next day. Considering his weak physical condition, doctors offered him mesenchymal stem cell therapy through intrathecal route i.e. cerebrospinal fluid. He found the procedure to be painless and hassle-free. Next day Mr Jagtej Singh was trained for physiotherapy, which he was instructed to do at home.


As evident in the video, Six Days post Stem Cell Therapy, Mr Singh has undergone amazing recovery. He is now able to eat food on his own. His speech is now clearer and his body movements seem to be smoother, easy and well controlled. His family is hoping for a more!



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