May 30th 2015

I. Introduction and Background

Mr Singh was a CKD patient whose Serum Creatinine had reached critical levels of upto 10.3 as tested on May 27th 2015 (just before procedure). The levels were 6.9 on 13th February 2015, 8.74 on May 14th 2015 and 10.3 on 27th May. This shows a rapid increase in the cretanine levels indicating a fast progressing disease. The patient had consistently resisted requests for a dialysis and wanted to do stem cell therapy so to avoid the need of dialysis in future as well.

Advancells Stem Cell therapy protocol for CKD dictates the injection of Autologous Bone Marrow and Autologous Adipose Tissue, directly to the kidneys through catheter (Intra-arterial Administration via catheter). However, it is important for the safety of the patient for the creatinine levels to be less than 4 to eliminate any risk posed by the dye required to be used for an angiography.

The patient in this case was requested to undergo a dialysis to reduce the creatnine levels, but the patient was insistent to get the cells injected Intravenous Administration (IV). The idea was to give the cells by IV and see how much benefit the patient can derive from it. If the patient does derive benefit and the cretanine levels do drop, we can repeat the therapy for further drops till the level reaches in control limits to deliver cells intra arterial way.

The patient received 100 Million adipose tissue SVF and 12.4 Million CD34 Cells from Bone Marrow infused via IV. The patient tolerated the infusion well and entire procedure went incidence free. The patient was discharged in the evening and reported no post procedure complications.

Serum Creatinine levels were re checked on 10th June 2015 and they returned at 8.39. The levels were rechecked on 26th July 2015 and the value was 8.80.

This clearly shows us that the progression of the disease as halted and the drop in creatinine levels indicate start of the healing procedure of the damaged kidneys. Further, follow ups are planned in one month and depending on the condition of the patient another round of therapy might be advised.*

Two month follow up (7 August 2015)

The latest Serum Creatinine report shows that the Serum Creatinine level has fallen to 6.2.

Three month follow up (6 September 2015)

The latest Serum Creatinine report shows Serum Creatinine levels to be stable at 6.5.

Four month follow up (28 September 2015)

The latest Serum Creatinine report shows Serum Creatinine levels to be stable at 5.9.