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Pooja Aggarwal had always had flawless skin through her childhood and early adulthood. One fine day, she noticed fine wrinkles around her mouth along with a downward tilt of her lips. This became more pronounced after she turned 50. “I become very conscious of the wrinkles and suddenly started avoiding attending family gatherings. All I could see in the mirror were the early signs of ageing and I felt people were staring at the corners of my mouth while talking to me.” Mrs Aggarwal tried a range of expensive anti-ageing creams and visited numerous dermatologists all to no avail. It was during this time she heard about stem cell therapy from one of her friends and found Advancells website. A visit to the clinic gave her greater hope to get rid of the wrinkles by an all natural, risk free method of using stem cells from her own body. The doctor explained that the skin cells divide slowly and become thinner and lose their elasticity as the age advances. The muscles and tissues of the face decrease in size, leading to the appearance of wrinkles on the face and corner of mouth. With stem cells, we can improve healing and anti aging of skin.

Mrs Aggarwal underwent a stem cell procedure in which stem cells enriched with growth factors were injected into the problem areas of her faceGrowth Factors with stem cells (GFSC) facelift is a non invasive surgical procedure that uses the regenerative capacity of adult stem cells to fight the signs and symptoms of aging. Adult stem cells have the potential to become any type of cell, and thus can be utilized to replace aging or damaged cells in any part of the body. Adipose tissue contains a large number of stem cells that will grow into new tissue. When stem cells and fat tissue are used as part of a facelift procedure, these cells enhance both the volume of the face and the quality and texture of the skin, giving a more youthful appearance.

“I am extremely happy with the results and thankful to the team at Advancells for providing a completely natural , effective therapy and a wonderful experience.” – Pooja Aggarwal.



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