Residence: New South Wales, Australia

Prior to Treatment

I was diagnosed with MS in 2005 after a series of odd symptoms, including fatigue and dragging my left leg. At that point I was still working. I got progressively worse and more immobile until I had to retire in 2009.

I found the clinic in Germany and applied for treatment. Luckily, I was accepted and began preparing to travel to Germany in November 2009.

It is now more than six months later.

In Germany

My partner and I found the centre easily and were made feel comfortable by the staff, who spoke English. I spent enough time with the specialist to answer my questions prior to the bone marrow collection. Everything was professional and of a high standard, including the nursing care.

I would not be so brave next time, and have the local anesthetic injection prior to collection! That was over quickly, however, and I rested up and went sightseeing.

We returned two days later for the implantation, which went smoothly and painlessly, and then left the centre and continued to travel before heading home.


Initially, I took a while to recover from the trip but was assessed by my neurologist at the three months, who thought that I had indeed improved. My sensation was better in my hands and I was walking straighter and further.

Six months on, I am stable, with no new symptoms. I am still walking better, feel well and positive and less fatigued. I am even back to working as a volunteer two days a week.*



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