Year of birth: 1923

Occupation: Retired

Disease treated: stroke

How it started

“The feeling in my left arm and leg returned”

At the age of 81, I suffered a stroke. The severe neurological damage caused the left side of my body, especially my left leg, arm but also my face to become paralyzed. I had practically no feeling in my left arm and leg. Shortly after this, I began researching the internet for alternative medical solutions that could help improve my condition and came across stem cell treatments. My family was supportive of my plans to undergo treatment and my younger brother even accompanied me in October 2007.

First stem cell treatment in October 2007

We stayed for a couple of weeks, where I underwent a few more neurological examinations prior to the treatment with stem cells. The team at the center was very helpful and professional. The stem cells were extracted from my hip bone and reintroduced by means of lumbar puncture three days later. After the treatment was completed, my brother and I travelled to Munich to visit some relatives and the world famous Oktoberfest.

The result

Some time after my stem cell therapy, I started to notice small improvements in my condition. The feeling in my left arm and leg returned, and the mobility of my left leg and left arm somewhat improved. My lower lip which had been paralyzed for three years, could move better, thus improving my speech and my ability to communicate. My hearing also improved. I am not sure what caused the sudden growth of hair, since I had been bald, but it is still growing today!

My advice

I have seen some improvement in my daily life and would recommend stem cell therapy to patients, who like me, suffered a stroke and seek to alleviate their symptoms.



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POST TITLE: Patient story of Alvin Mueller, 84 years, Stroke

AUTHOR: Editorial Team

POSTED ON: 10th November 2018



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