Pradeep J, Stem Cell Progress (Feedback to Advancells)

Mr. Pradeep has been diabetic and despite his control on diet and regular exercise, he was not able to control his insulin levels. And then he heard of Stem Cell Therapies and their benefits. Now, after getting the therapy, he is very happy with the results and has full confidence in this ‘future of medicine’. An excerpt of his interview with Advancells…*

1. Before going on for the treatment, were there any apprehensions you had in mind? If yes, what were they?

Answer: Yes. I was worried about the results and more so about the safety of the procedure and potential side effects if any. Making sure that there was no risk involved in the procedure was of primary concern. Thanks to the counseling we got before the procedure, we were clear about the safety and chances of success of the treatment.

2. Were you aware about stem cell therapy before getting this treatment?

Answer: Yes. We had read about it and also seen some relatives got it done earlier.

3. What was the condition of the patient before treatment?

Answer: The fasting blood sugar levels used to be around 140-150 after medication.

4. What all have been tried by you for treatment before going for stem cell therapy?

Answer: I was primarily taking medications for diabetes and controlling lifestyle.

5. What improvements have you observed post treatment?

Answer: Post treatment there was a good fall in the blood sugar levels. Within 15 days I reduced the medication to half and the fasting blood sugar levels reduced to under 100. The levels have sustained after one year of treatment.

6. How has been your overall experience at Advancells and would you recommend stem cell therapy to other caregivers and patients?

Answer: I would highly recommend people to go for stem cell treatment. I also recommend Advancells as I found their counseling and approach to the treatment very professional and patient centric.

7. Are you satisfied with the results of the treatment?

Answer: I am satisfied with the results and would recommend people to try it.

8. What according to you are the advantages of stem cell treatment compared to other treatment modalities?

Answer: It is risk free and natural.

9. Was the treatment painful?

Answer: Treatment was done under local anesthesia so it was not painful at all.




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