Mr Rahul Gupta

DOB: 19/October/1983

My Name is Rahul Gupta, I live in Auckland New Zealand. I travelled all the way from South Pacific Island New Zealand back to India to have this treatment.

I was convinced to have Stem cell treatment because my illness was progressing too quickly and after much thinking about this (some anxiousness), I was convinced to undertake Stem Cell Replacement Therapy in India (affordable/timely treatment).

My history of Multiple Sclerosis:

Diagnosed with MS in 2010, with Multiple Relapses in 2011, 2012 and 2016.

I was feeling very week from my legs and finding it hard to walk.

I searched online and found about Advancell, so I contacted Dr Lipi who was professional (gave me great confidence) and guided me through the stem cell therapy process and the post treatment options as well.

Advancells’ Professionalism and workmanship:

Dr Lipi was in regular touch with me for clinical follow ups. This was really of great benefit to me and I found it the best part of Advancells, India. It is difficult to feel human and valued in some industries and societies – I never felt isolated or like I was just another patient.


My treatment was done on 12th May 2017 with Advancells Out Patient Dept. and then Cell treatment on 13th May 2017 , was discharged on 14th May 2017. Straight after the treatment I saw major improvements, I can walk a lot better, can climb stairs (which I was unable to do after 2012) and even go on the treadmill!

From the Service/humanities aspect:

My treatment was clean and the hospital was very nice including the respectful staff and personnel.

Dr Lipi’s assistant was good but unfortuantely did not follow up on what he said before the treatment (Prem Chauhan).

He promised to come and take videos while I was doing my Physio did not turn up, so please take your own camera or ask physiotherapist to take the video. (This is very important so that you can do same correct exercises on a regular basis.)

On the Financial element:

It was quick/easy to get an appointment and start the treatment, so organising flights might determine when you can have treatment. Flight costs change but were not included.

I will post my Video soon.

For any other information, you can contact me on international mobile +6427412****.

Email address: rahul1983_***