Patient Name: Reyansh Kamboj
Age: 3.7 years
Country: India
Date of Therapy: 26th April 2023

Reyansh was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and the initial symptoms were challenging. Everyday struggles were his hyperactivity, poor eye contact, difficulty in understanding, restlessness, and his penchant for jumping around. Most significantly, Reyansh was non-verbal.

In our pursuit of providing the best possible future for Reyansh, we turned to Advancells, in Noida. After thorough consideration, we decided to explore stem cell therapy in combination with exosomes, hoping it would bring about positive changes in Reyansh’s life.

Fast forward a few months, and we have witnessed the incredible transformations in our son’s life. His hyperactivity is decreasing significantly, and he is making better eye contact, allowing him to connect with the world around him. His understanding of the world is unfolding, and his ability to control restlessness and impulsive behaviours is improving day by day.

One of the most inspiring changes has been Reyansh’s growing ability to recognize and understand things. He now associates words like “orange” with the colour and the fruit, a milestone we celebrate with every new word he learns. His sensory experiences are improving, and his eating habits and sleep patterns have become more regular.

But perhaps the most heartwarming of all is Reyansh’s newfound ability to communicate. From being completely non-verbal, he now speaks Hindi and English alphabets with enthusiasm. He can count, and he even delights in reciting rhymes. Though pronunciation remains a challenge, Reyansh has made remarkable progress in his expressive communication. He still uses sign language due to difficulties with sentence formation, but we cherish every step he takes toward expressing himself.

Our journey with Reyansh is far from over, and we are filled with hope for his future. We are planning for a second dose of stem cell therapy, anticipating even more wonderful developments as we continue to support our beloved son on his unique path to growth and development.