Almost a year ago, my 3 years old son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I still remember the stress we had been through to check what was wrong with him! Like every other normal child, Shobit’s development was good till crossed 1 year; however, he was not speaking till then, nor was trying to blabber a few words even, and this was something that was bothering me often. As a mother, I was always conscious of his developmental milestone, food habits, etc.; and could sense that something is not normal with him. However, my family consoled me that everything will be fine as the time passes. Eventually, I came to know that Shobit’s dad also started communication very late. With this, I was a little relaxed but not convinced completely. My fear turned into reality when Shobit was not able to speak even at 3, he was not able to understand my language either. From my experience, the most challenging task in the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder is to acknowledge that the child has a different way of communication!

Finding Advancells is like finding a needle from a pile of hay. There are lot many centers currently offering stem cell therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorders.  I would like to thank team Advancells for their swift response to my queries and patient attitude to tackle my anxiety, nervousness, and curiosity to know what is best for my child. All professionals were scientifically well aware and they presented scientific documents, literature reviews, and clinical investigations. The data made me convinced that my child is in safe hands. 

Day of Registration

We had been called for an initial consultation with a neuro specialist in Delhi/NCR. We were a bit nervous, but he assured us that soon Shobit will start conversing well with us. This was a real morale boost for us. We decided to go for stem cells therapy with Advancells. They also made us aware of their latest technology Exosomes, which is a kind of communication language stem cells understand to reduce inflammation and faster recovery. That was a busy day, as we had to be in the hospital itself for the whole day for Shobit’s initial assessments, thankfully Ms. Swati Sharma (Client Services_Advancells) was always there with us. We were then asked to leave. I reached the hotel in the evening, with hopes in my eyes and mind completely relaxed that from now on only good will happen to us. The next day, Swati called us and we were told that all Shobit’s reports are out and we can go to visit the lab and understand how stem cells are being processed and meet their scientific team. 

Lab Visit

Advancells has a very decent setup with all kinds of modern equipment. They are very particular about maintaining Good Laboratory Practices. We were not allowed to enter the lab, but from the glass door, we have explained all the processes in detail. I eagerly asked them whether I can witness the processing of stem cells on the day of therapy and they were ready for that too. I was not aware of such transparency before. We were then sent back to hotels; this time not with hopes but with assurance and a strange sense of commitment.

Therapy Day 

Since everything was already explained to us; we were relaxed and everything went as per plan. We had been shown stem cells and exosomes vials. Post stem cell therapy Shobit was kept in the Intensive Care Unit and only one attendant was allowed, so I was there with him. He was okay and unconscious for some time. In between, I realized that he was feverish, but doctors were around so they took good care of him. End of the day, Shobit was discharged back home. The next day we were called for supportive therapies like Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy.


It is almost 6 months since Shobit had his stem cell therapy sessions; as prescribed by the team we are meticulously following all sessions of HBOT, OT, and Speech Therapy. Shobit is now able to speak two letter words, three letter words, etc. He completely understands what I am trying to convey to him. We have even started his preschool and he enjoys being there. The only thing is that he is not able to connect words to form a sentence but I am in constant touch with the Advancells team and they have assured me that he will!

So overall, it was a smooth experience and I would completely recommend Advancells and Stem cell Therapy for parents who are dwelling between clinics to get the best for their children.