Year of birth: 1958
Job: Optical Technician
Marital status: Married with children.
Disease treated: Parkinson’s disease


About three years ago, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Surprisingly that was the first time I could understand that the disease even exist. I could not first notice any disputable problem in me, until and unless I could rectify that I had to forcefully put on hold my passion oil painting for the sake of this disease. Slowly and steadily the disease took a toll on my job, my ability to work out and my overall enjoyment.

“…Most disturbing was the knowledge that there is no cure for this debilitating disease, as I was told by my neurospecialists…”


It all started with generalized symptoms such as usual tremors, shaking. I used to feel very low, even after waking up in the morning. That feeling of complete body stiffness was quiet annoying and disturbing as well. I had been prescribed with some steroidal medicines, but I was always reluctant to use them as they seem to have always aggravated my mood swings, appetite loss and general irritability. My posture was steadily changing, and my I have started dragging my legs instead of lifting them up in a general way.

I think these were enough reasons for me to search for another alternative treatment, which atleast could get me out of these embarrassing facts of my life.

In April this year, my step daughter Marina told me that Helensvale was hosting an informational evening about Parkinson’s disease. My wife and I attended the presentation, where we learnt about adult stem cells and got the information about the clinic that have treated many patients with PD only by using autologous stem cells from their own body!

“…Thank you so much dear, you gave my life back; I will be indebted to you forever for this Marina…”

Soon after, I contacted the concern team of treatment centre and the “ball started rolling”. On October 15th I arrived at the center and was already obliged with the services, hospitality as well as the level of trust that was offered to me.


On the same day of my arrival, my bone marrow and fat was collected and I have been asked to take a rest for next two-three hours. Since it was just a local application of anesthesia, I could able to walk freely immediately within that time span. My stem cells were processed and injected back in my body very professionally through spinal puncture.

I could hardly feel anything, there was no pain, my doctor offered me some painkillers but I never needed them. Two days later after having a physiotherapy schedules and other agenda handy with me. Few days later, I boarded the plane on my way to see friends and family in Slovenia, where I spent two wonderful weeks on holidays recovering and where the healing process began.

Only after couple of weeks passed by, I started to get better and am still getting better by the day. At first, I was able to shave by myself. Next, I could eat without help. Now, I can drive my car and walk straight upright. I feel like a new man.

Today, I went to see my GP and he was speechless; seeing my transformation. He thinks I have improved about 80%. I even took my paintbrush and unfinished pictures and started to paint again; which is making me very happy.

“…You gave me back my life. Forever in your debt…”



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