Year of birth: 1943

Marital status: Married, two children

Disease treated: Parkinson’s disease


I retired from scientific work almost 10 years ago and then I started teaching mathematics as a substitute teacher; by when I could notice slight leg tremors, particularly in my left leg. They seemed to be caused by stress, but also appeared when I was just sitting in a chair; my leg would do an involuntarily ‘dance’.

“…Three years later to these initial symptoms, I was diagnosed and being officially declared to be affected with the Parkinson’s disease!…”

Over the next 3-4 years I was treated with the usual dopamine-agonists that were increased gradually as my disease progressed.


My main symptoms were lack of energy – I was getting tired very easy and could sleep almost all the time – some balance & walking problems, altered gait, my muscles were stiff and tight, and my facial expressions were impaired. I rarely blinked. I had been physically active prior to getting ill. I ran 2-3 times a week, lifted weights, played basketball and golfed. I gave up all sports except for golf, which became more work than fun, due to my walking problems.

During my 30-year professional career, I worked in a scientific laboratory and was quite informed on the subject of stem cell research and therapies prior to being diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Later on, I began to research more on the subject and found out about a clinic that exclusively deals with autologous adult stem cells and not with embryonic stem cells. As safety was an important issue to me, I started discussing the same with other medical professions.


After lot of discussion and understanding thing on safety as well as feasibility level, I decided to go ahead with stem cells treatment. Both Bone Marrow, as well as Adipose Tissue sample, was collected with simple application of local anesthesia. To my surprise, the whole procedure was just a one day affair and stem cells were infused back in my body through lumbar puncture on the same day! Although we have been ask to stay back for one or two days more for structuring my physiotherapy schedule and check for any post treatment complications, if any!

On our flight home a few days after the treatment, my wife noticed that I was shining while we were having a conversation. Within the first 3-4 weeks after treatment I noticed dramatic changes, especially in my energy levels. I was able to walk on the golf course without being exhausted. It was a lot more fun! My gait improved; I was walking fairly normal. My neurologist saw me during this time and confirmed that

“…I looked like I was doing very well, despite his skepticism regarding stem cell therapy…”

During the last few months, I noticed that I get a little tired again and therefore decided to come back for a repeat stem cell treatment. My general practitioner, who is a supporter of stem cell therapies and frequently travels to stem cell conferences, told me to go for it. He had seen my improved physical appearance after the first therapy and was amazed.

I know that each person and each patient will have a different experience with stem cell therapy. I did not undergo this therapy expecting a cure.

“…To me it has been a very positive treatment and really improved the quality of my life!… “



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