Thermishaa was born on 4th December 2013, as a normal full term baby. When she was 11 months old, her mom noticed that Thermishaa was not as active as the other children of her age would be! At the specified age, Thermishaa was not hitting any milestones, which obviously was a matter of concern for her parents. Thermishaa was then evaluated by an early developmental team, where she was considered to be slightly behind the norm. Her doctors later prescribed her for MRI and CT scan; and the reports declared that Thermishaa had a slight neuronal damage at the time of her birth and had been suffering with Cortical Visual Impairment.

Thermishaa was being referred to various rehab programmes like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, etc. by her pediatrician; in order to motivate her to be little independent. However, Drishti-Thermishaa’s mother did not find any improvement, neither in her motor skills nor in her interactive skills. As a matter of fact, Drishti was continuously searching for some alternative ways, which could be helpful for her daughter to gain a bit of independence in her day to day routine. Thus, she came across Stem Cell Therapy and how stem cells can be helpful in reversing the brain damage. With more internet search, Thermishaa’s family found Advancells, as a specialized centre for cell based therapy. Upon reaching to Advancells, she had been clarified about every detail of the procedures including mechanism, costing and pre-requisites.

Thermishaa’s treatment went very well and her mom Drishti was actually overwhelmed with the positive response and support she received from the staff. Before Stem Cell Therapy, Thermishaa was not able to move her hands, legs, fingers etc. In fact, her fingers were clenched into her fist; but, post Stem Cell Therapy, she is able to open her hands more wide and she is actually trying to sit on her own. Her muscles are observed to be more relaxed, as compared to their initial stiffness, detected prior to Stem Cell Therapy. Drishti is also very positive towards Thermishaa’s visual ability, as she started to look around more than usual, post Stem Cell Therapy.

Thermishaa’s mother Drishti has actually recommended this treatment to children with special needs.
Watch how Stem Cells can treat Cerebral Palsy with Cortical Visual Impairment.

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