Name: Aiyaz Mohammed Musa
Age: 42 years old
Country: Fiji Islands
Condition: Type 2 Diabetes

For the last ten years, Mr. Musa has been a diabetic patient. His excessive blood sugar levels were causing him problems. Here is the story of Mr. Musa fighting off type 2 diabetes with stem cell therapy.

Hello everyone, I have been dealing with type 2 diabetes for the past 10 years. My blood sugar level remained high and out of control regardless of my best attempts, which made me nervous and worried about my health. My HbA1c used to be 13. I was looking for a solution to reduce my sugar levels.

1st Dose of Stem Cell Therapy

After 1.5 years of research, I learned about stem cell therapy. My quest brought me to Advancells in India, who helped me through the stem cell therapy procedure. After all my questions were answered, I made the decision to get my first stem cell infusion in February 2019.

Three months after my first stem cell therapy, I saw a significant improvement in my health. I saw a drop in my HbA1c levels from 13 to 8 and my overall health improved. For me, the therapy has been quite helpful! I was amazed by the results and decided to undergo a second infusion of stem cells.

2nd Dose of Stem Cell Therapy

I had my second stem cell treatment at Advancells in January 2020, and I’m optimistic that the next few days will bring about even more changes to my condition. My diet is being maintained, and I hope to see my HbA1c around 5 at some point. I am thankful to Advancells for all the support.