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Why stem cell therapy is important?

Why stem cell therapy is important?

Stem cells are the 'Smart Cells' of our body. They have the capacity to multiply and to renew themselves indefinitely into specialised cells. Thus stem cells can develop into cardiac muscle as well as liver, brain, fat and skin tissue helping to treat the injured area.

Further, there are just two legitimate reasons for you to land on this page; either you or your loved one have been intimated by the Doctor that he won’t be able to do much for the chronic illnesses or pain, anyone of you suffering from! or you wish to update yourself with the latest medical advances.

In any case, we are happy that you have atleast thought of the possibility of Stem Cell Treatment, also called the 'Future of Medicine'.

As in today’s world, medical science has explored the latest technology through stem cells that can hold off major symptoms incomparable with traditional therapies. Stem cells are the unique cells of the body. Compare your body with an apartment and stem cells with the maintenance men.

They are equipped with three important criteria such as:

  • These cells can divide infinitely without losing their characteristics
  • With each division, they maintain their number
  • These cells can differentiate into different cells of different origin

Whenever your body is in crisis, it calls for a help. The resident  stem cells available will migrate at the site of injury to repair the damage. However, with the progression of the disease, an additional supply of them is needed that can create a powerful response for faster healing. Through the cutting edge technology, stem cell treatment can be offered to fix the problem associated with many deadly diseases.  In order to go for this option, you need to understand many benefits of the treatment-.

Simple, effective and Convenient-:

One of the top most benefits of stem cell treatment is that it is very effective, simple and convenient over to tedious, invasive options such as organ transplantations or surgery.

Being isolated from your own body parts they are proven to be safe and easily acceptable by the body for regeneration of lost or damaged cells without eliciting any unfavourable medical aggravations. All it needs is a simple one day hospitalization with the application of local anaesthesia.

Ethical Treatment-:

Many of you might have this question raised in your mind, whether the stem cell treatment is ethical? The answer to this is, yes!

As these stem cells are isolated from your own body; they are ethically acceptable than embryonic stem cells, wherein human embryos are required to be sacrificed unethically.  Since these cells have markers similar to other cells of your body they don’t cause any systemic reaction and are processed faster.

That is why; none of the stem cells, we are pursuing here at Advancells are ethically challenged and are way safer than their available competitors.

Easy Availability-:

Here at Advancells, we offer the treatment which is completely autologous transplantation of stem cells isolated from the two most abundant sources in your body itself; Bone Marrow and Adipose Tissue.  The human bone marrow is regenerated after every 3 months by your body, because of the presence of stem cells in it. Thus, it can be the best choice for cell isolation.

Additionally, all of us are annoyed with the fat deposition in our body and wish to get rid of it immediately. However, have you ever thought that this unwanted tissue has lot of stem cells stored in it, which are taking care of your routine skin damage!

Thus the raw material is present within you; all you need to do is just harness them as you wish to! We are technologically well equipped for isolating these richest sources of stem cells without investing too much of your time and money in a completely painless manner.

Chronic Ailments are treatable

In today’s scenario, stem cell treatment is supposed to be the most viable option for a wide variety of deadly diseases that have been proven almost incurable by the traditional technology. From the study published in various national and international journals, it is very evident that there is marked improvement in number of treatable conditions with the help of stem cells therapy. For an instance, the current gold standards for many of the irreparable conditions are just the rehabilitative approaches such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, etc. that can merely be helpful to support the symptoms and not a complete cure.

On the contrary to which stem cells can reverse the effect of the disease by their well known functions 3R’s i.e. Repair, Regenerate and Rejuvenate. Although, stem cells can’t actually cure the disease, but they can halt the further progression.

Cost of the Treatment

If you compare the cost of other treatment options available traditionally such as organ transplantation or surgery, it is definitely a cheaper yet effective solution. Additionally, you tend to shell out lot of money in post treatment hospitalization for recovery, whereas autologous stem cells treatment is just a one day affair! Get enquiry - Call us at +91-9654321400 or drop an email at

Emerging Research

Worldwide, more and more research is taking place in a positive manner for improving the efficacy of stem cells in a more precise and speedy manner. Hence, a day is sure to come when stem cells therapy can be the best available routine choice of treatment but till then those who are already suffering from deadly diseases. such as kidney failure can opt for the option of stem cells treatment which is the relevant, risk free and significantly effective alternative as compared to the existing risky options of surgery or organ transplantations.

For other, although it is likely that at some of point of time either they or their loved ones may have to go for the option of stem cells treatment; so it is very important for everyone to keep themselves updated about this 22nd century treatment option.