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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is one of the most common and enfeebling disease in adults, all across the world. As stated by World Health Organization, out of 210 million people affected by COPD, 3 million people died in 2005. COPD leads to a significant deterioration in the quality of life especially at its advanced stage, due to its higher complexities.

COPD causes number of difficulties in normal functioning of your body such as breathlessness, weight loss, sleeping and eating problems as well as depletion of energy; leading to a several mood swings and frustrations. In fact according to a recent study, 40% of those with COPD symptoms suffer from depression causing adverse effects on overall condition, such as lower health related quality of life, lower level of functioning, longer and constant hospitalization, etc.

As evident, since the number of patients with COPD has risen to a considerable extent, there management and the need of future changes in the prototype of care have also increased. Thus, it has become very imperative to look for alternative therapies, apart from strict adherence to standard medical treatment; in order to optimize disease management and control the progression.

Conventionally, rehabilitative care for patients suffering with chronic diseases has found to be of help; such as besides medication, many people who are experiencing depression may find relief by seeing a mental health specialist. Support groups are also a great pillar to benefit people with COPD. It may help you discover some real life tips and advice for coping up by talking to the people who are facing the same problems.

If you will try to find good treatments for your disease you can get many options. In fact they can come up as great help to cope up with your disease. Amongst many identified alternative treatment modalities, stem cell therapy can be most viable option, with known safety and efficacy in improving patient’s quality of life.

At Advancells, we provide stem cell therapy for COPD with their own stem cells to help those with unmet clinical needs, achieve optimum health and better quality of life.  The majority of the patients treated have reportedly improved breathing functions and stamina, as well as great reduction in cough and sputum;  thereby achieving optimal health. This treatment is just a day affair without much hassle of hospital stay back and surgeries.