Lupus Patient Testimonial:

Lupus has symptoms that can be easily misdiagnosed with some other conditions. This is why it is diagnosed at later stages when things have started going down the hill. Treating Lupus is not straight

Forward but requires a multi-pronged approach to treat different symptoms simultaneously. Here are a few early symptoms to watch out for!



Your body is fighting all the time when there is Lupus. The immune system attacks your own body and there is a constant war within your system. Result? There is a feeling of being tired all the time. This means even after sufficient rest and sleep, energy levels remain low.


One of the most prevalent symptoms of Lupus is unexplainable joint pains throughout the body. Lupus causes inflammation and pains that flare up from time to time. This can cause slight fevers and difficulty with sleep.


Not only are the sores itchy, but there is an appearance of rashes all over the body with a typical ‘butterfly rash’ on the face. There is also a hair fall reported in many patients. This could be confused easily with a dermatological condition but it is advisable to get proper tests done before treatments begin.  These rashes can aggravate under the sun due to increased photosensitivity.


People with Lupus develop inflammation in multiple organs and lungs could be the first to look out for. There may be difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath with physical tasks. This can shrink lungs and swell up the diaphragm leading to pain in the chest.


Lupus can lead to development of another autoimmune disorder, Sjogren’s disease that causes the glands responsible for tears or saliva to malfunction. This can lead to dryness in the eyes, mouth, skin or vagina.

LUPUS is like an elephant in the room that no one speaks about. Fighting Lupus isn’t a cakewalk. It requires immense courage and willpower. People are afraid to talk about their condition which is why they ignore early signs. The way to deal is to recognize warning symptoms and to express them to support groups. More often, diverse groups can have different perspectives on a problem and your solution may lie in one of them.  You cannot live with the fear of how the future unfolds. So, remain positive, keep fighting and ignore the horror stories of Lupus that you may come across.

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