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Today, the world is struggling with an alarming situation of pandemic crisis; with several unfamiliar features that are still not completely understood. With every passing day, it is quite clear that much of what is most frustrating about the pandemic is yet to be experienced. Recently, with a troubling amplification of trends in increased neurological complications, post COVID-19 infections, including brain hemorrhages, stroke, dementia, Guillain-barre syndrome, etc., the ground realities of the crisis has forced all of us to reconsider our old beliefs; with possible effects of long-term treatment choices, we are making today! As a matter of fact, the choices that we are making today, related to our health plans, choice of treatment, the response index, etc. can shape our health future.

Many of the reputed hospitals in India have reported a sudden increase in patients with acute neurological complications; interestingly almost all of these patients had a previous history of COVID-19 infections. The statistics further suggested that stroke (20%), brain encephalopathy (50%), and coma (17 percent) are some of the most commonly reported neurological complications. Even at a global level, a renowned journal lancet has reported 53% neurodegenerative cases in post COVID era; probably due to delay in oxygen-enriched blood supply to different vital organs of the body, including brain, heart, kidneys, due to decreased functional capacity of lungs.

With the data, it is very clear that the sooner you work on your lungs in the post COVID session; the better will be their functional recovery and lesser will be damage associated with multiple vital organs of the body. With the mantra, different scientific studies conducted across the global fronts have given fair recognition to the ability of stem cells to quickly reduce lung inflammation; in order to get them back to normal.

What can stem cells do?

Worldwide studies conducted to assess the ability of stem cells to minimise lung infections have proposed that stem cells exhibit great anti-inflammatory properties to relieve cytokine storm in COVID-19 infected individuals; if given at the right time with the right quantity. Post stem cell administration, a massive anti-inflammatory response is elicited through different signalling pathways; in order to secrete various anti-inflammatory growth factors. They are further known to stop more lung damage, block the receptors to prevent viral entry; and promote good cytokine secretions to alter damaging storms in a healing one.

So, if you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned below; it’s always advisable to seek immediate medical attention.


  • Intellectual And Neurological Difficulties
  • Brain Fog
  • Los Of Memory
  • Dizziness And Inaccurate Vision

 Why Choose Advancells for Covid-19 Treatment?

  • Automated and Closed Scale-up System- Advanced bio-processing technology for quick scale-up to meet the rising COVID or post-COVID demands.
  • High Quality-Characterised Stem Cells- Thorough quality assessment for the stem cells by experienced scientists to ensure the best quality.
  • Safe Treatment Procedure- Safe IV administration after minimising HLA mismatch risk for allogenic stem cell treatments.
  • Evidence of Assurance- The present data cohort from 500+ COVID and post-COVID patients confirms 70% improvement and treatment efficiency.
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