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No doubt Diwali is one of the most happening festivals in India, where lighting, Diya decorations, colorful Rangoli, interior and outer designing, crackers make it large and extraordinary. We often hear from a lot of people that avoid bursting crackers. This is because crackers not only bring about the noise that harms eardrums but also makes it hard to breathe by creating air pollution. And those few people treating asthma become victim. Using Firecrackers actually raises health hazards for the patients suffering from diseases like Asthma, Bronchitis, and breathing disorders. It has been recorded by WHO that 15-20 billion Indians are suffering from Asthma.

Diwali crackers like Chakra or Charkha or Ground Spinner,  Anar, Sparklers or Phuljhari,  Rockets and Akash Ganga, Bombs or Sounding Crackers or Garlands or Ladis consists of very highly toxic heavy metals like copper, cadmium, lead, manganese, zinc, sodium and potassium.

And when one of you burst these harmful crackers, these metals get spread in the air which besides troubling asthma patient can trigger asthma in a patient.

Well, with the advancement in crackers and as a tradition to burst crackers people just can’t avoid bursting crackers even after knowing their harmful effects.

But one can take precautions to be safe around at least.

Here are a few tips to take care of breath related problem in the season of Diwali.

# Avoid polluted area

Stay in a place where chances of pollution in the air and temperature changes are less. Avoid exposure to the source of allergy like the smoke of crackers. Keep yourself tight inside your room. When stepping out of your house, cover your mouth with a piece of cloth or handkerchief.

# Exclude you from house cleaning drive

Diwali without getting your house cleaned is just not done. On this occasion, though cleaning of your house is important even before rituals, Asthma patients are advised to let others do the needful.

Never participate in extreme house cleaning.

Make arrangements for your stay away from the cleaning department till you get thoroughly refreshed house.

Don’t let potential asthma triggers to make you suffer resulting in the acute episode of asthma attacks, which in turn push you out of the Diwali celebration.

# Take Proper Asthma medications

As Diwali keeps you out of the schedule, don’t forget to take your regular medicines. Along with proper medication, keep quick relief medicines with you always so that even if this Diwali bunkers trouble you and you start feeling breathless, you can immediately resort to quick-relief inhalers. If this doesn’t work, reach the nearest hospital.

# Steam Inhalation

One of the great household remedies for asthma to keep your airways dilated, steam inhalation can prevent asthma attacks.

Start doing it regularly before Diwali or before making it out of your house on Diwali.

# Skip eating Oily Foods and Sweets

Diwali takes you to a gastronomic ride of sweets and oily foods, which in turn can trigger asthma in children as well in adults.

It won’t be hard if you skip eating a high amount of oil and sweets in your foods.

Add plenty of salads, fruits, vegetables in your diet and remove greasy and spicy food from your diet this Diwali.

# Healthy Lifestyle

It’s always good to make healthy changes in your lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a very healthy diet and a few exercises will make a big difference.

Although you are in habit of eating healthy food, Diwali don’t let you follow that. Take care of the food you buy from whatever market. 

# Consult a Doctor

Besides taking proper medication and precautions if you notice any acute changes like cough, wheezing, and breathlessness, you should now take it as a warning to consult a doctor.

You need to follow the above tips to enjoy Diwali to the fullest rather than struggling with your Asthma.

Follow the advice of Doctor to punch asthma away from your life.

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