Nutrition and diet play a significant role in managing kidney disorders. Although, it is a progressive disorder, and may lead to serious complications if not paid proper attention. The current write up is intended to provide more information on balanced diet to patients, who have been suffering with chronic kidney disorders; and minimize the burden on their kidneys.

Below listed are some of the food friends, you need to bond with in order to manage your chronic kidney disorders.


Since traditions, garlic has been acknowledged to be the most powerful antioxidant, which is helpful in reducing inflammation. Studies could also configure its increasing role in reducing renal reperfusion, i.e. accumulation of toxic wastes in the body; and hence is directly being associated with reduced evidences of kidney failure and kidney related mortality.


Capsicums are identified to be highly nutritious food supplements that are helpful in reducing the production of free radicals in your body. These free radicals are evidently responsible for damage at tissue level and cellular level, leading to more serious health related complications. Besides, they are also useful in building healthy immune system that can prevent you from multiple autoimmune disorders.


These tasty fruits have been found to have anti inflammatory and anti carcinogenic properties; making them the most opted natural food supplements. They are being identified to be powerful in reducing production of toxic compounds, thus can be helpful in minimizing burden on our kidneys.


In many countries of the world, the wonder spice of India; turmeric is highly appreciated for its antifungal, anti inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties. You can very well incorporate it in your day to day diet; apart from adding flavor to the food, it has number of health benefits listed above. For those, whose diet does not contain turmeric can have through turmeric supplements that are available in capsule or tincture form as well.


Ginger is identified as an excellent herb, which can improve functional attributes of kidneys. They are helpful in food digestion, improvement in blood purification and increase in the flow of oxygenated blood towards kidneys. Those, who are suffering with urinary discomfort, can get lot of relief, if they regularly consume ginger.


Carrots essentially contain water soluble vitamin A, known to be Beta carotene. Studies have investigated it to be helpful in filtering toxins from the blood, through a process of purification and further allow prevention of urinary tract infections. Besides, they contain higher concentration of pectin, which is involved in reduction of creatinine level, which is identified to be the marker significantly showing kidney related stress and functional issues. Scientists have further suggested pectin to be natural therapy for chronic kidney disorders.

However, kidney diseases and reduced functional attributes may lead to severe functional complications and hence, should never been ignored. Although available treatment options for chronic kidney disorders are dialysis and kidney transplants in extreme cases, depending upon the physical condition and stage of kidney failure, stem cell therapy is the most acknowledged option in managing kidney issues and reducing their progressive damage.

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