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Reasons of losing Brain Cells- The human brain is considered to be the most delicate part with the highest functional attributes. Hence, damage to the central nervous system can have a dangerous impact on the overall well-being of a person.  It is being believed very commonly that your overall health is the sum of your habits. It means that when you allow your daily routine to be dominated by bad habits; your way towards healthy living will surely be impeded. As said popularly, a chain of a bad habit is too light to be felt, until it is too heavy to be broken! Thus, it would be a rather challenging task to control those bad habits that are intruding slowly, as a part of your daily lifestyle and are not even noticed until the damage is severe.


Habits That Are Killing Your Brain Cells:

As per the recent release of the World Health Organization, the most dangerous habits that can damage your brain can be noted as follows:

No Breakfast

Breakfast is an important part of your nutrition system. After a long break for the whole night, your body needs an immediate supply of glucose to be supplied for different systems to work continuously. Contrary to which, if the breakfast is avoided, body’s blood sugar level can be disturbed, thus leading towards an insufficient supply of nutrients to the central nervous system, causing nerve damage.


Consumption of fatty diet more than specified limit may cause hardening of brain arteries, which may, in turn, block the circulation of oxygenated blood towards the brain. Further to which, due to lack of properly oxygenated blood the functional power of the brain is found to be decreased, with increased susceptibility to the neurodegenerative disorders.


Smoking has been identified to be the worst of all habits with multiple damaging effects on various important organs of the body, including brain. Studies have suggested that smoking can cause brain shrinkage, which in turn invites deadly diseased condition, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Air Pollution

Human brain needs a constant oxygenated blood supply, for its normal functioning. However, inhalation of highly polluted air can deprive brain of oxygenated blood supply; thus, decreasing overall brain efficiency to a significant level, accounting for its early degeneration.

Lack of sleep

Sleep is important for resting your body, allowing its instant rejuvenation. It repairs cellular damage, restores energy levels and reduces stress; thus, lack of sleep for a longer period of time can be very damaging to healthy brain cells, making it less functional.

Too much sugar intake

Sugar is found to be the leading culprit of every possible ailment; we face later in our life. Sadly, it is present in everything we would love to eat or drink. Studies have suggested that increased blood sugar level minimizes the absorption of nutrients at the cellular levels. As a matter of fact, brain cells may die and/or degenerate slowly and gradually due to lack of proper nutrition.

Lack of stimulation

Stimulating your brain cells for healthy and fruitful work may be helpful in keeping them functional for a longer period of time. Research has indicated that stimulation of brain cells activates new pathways and better communication of brain cells network, allowing them to be more productive. Studies have also evidently proven that if the brain is not being used properly; it shrinks and may get inactive. Thus, the more you talk, think and stimulate your brain cells; the more efficiently it will work.

Although, brain damage is an irreversible process and conventional medicine cannot cure the damage; however, stem cells have been analyzed to be very important for damage reversal and functional restoration. Clinical studies have implied the authenticity of stem cell therapy in restoring the functional attributes of brain, through damage reversal.

Thus, stem cell therapy may be explored as a possible alternative to conventional steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines and/or neurosurgery.