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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a chronic lungs disease that leads to difficulty in breathing. Emphysema and chronic bronchitis are the two primary kinds of COPD. Many COPD patients have a combination of the two.

There is no cure for COPD at the moment. There are only treatments and therapies to enhance the quality of life and delay disease development. However, research indicates that stem cells may be useful in the treatment of COPD

Stem Cells: A feasible Option for Lung Disease?

Stem cell therapy is also being studied in clinical studies for the treatment of COPD.

Undifferentiated cells that are introduced into the body are referred to as stem cells. This signifies that they aren’t cells with a definite function or job. They become specialized to a certain requirement after being administered, in this scenario, repairing lung tissue and reversing damage to the lungs.

Stem cells, according to researchers, could be employed to generate new alveolar cells. These are the cells in charge of the passage of air and gases in the lungs.

COPD results in  the following problems in the lungs and airways:

  • The capability of the alveoli in the lungs and airways to stretch is lost.
  • The membranes of the air sacs are completely destroyed.
  • The airway lining thickens and becomes congested.
  • Mucus accumulates in the lungs and blocks them.

These alterations restrict the volume of air passing into and out of the lungs, depleting the oxygen level in the body and making breathing more difficult. However, stem cell treatment for COPD may improve the quality of life and benefit the patients in the following ways:

  • lowering inflammation in the lungs, which might also slow the progression of additional damage to the lungs.
  • developing new, functional lung tissue to replenish any injured cells in the lungs encouraging the development of new capillaries in the lungs; this might also result in enhanced pulmonary function.

The Upshot

Stem cell Treatment provides an opportunity to improve human health significantly. However, there is some debate about the production, use, and disposal of human embryos. Scientists may be able to alleviate these fears by developing a novel method for transforming adult stem cells into pluripotent stem cells, which can differentiate into any cell type. Such discoveries demonstrate how far stem cell research has come.
COPD symptoms can vary from moderate to extreme. The intensity of your symptoms determines the type of treatment you require. Speak with your doctor if traditional or first-line therapy does not help your COPD. In such cases, you could be a candidate for complementary treatments such as stem cell therapy for COPD.

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