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Autism spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder with challenges in communication and behavior. 1 in 59 people get diagnosed worldwide with autism spectrum disorder and this affects the living quality. If your child has autism symptoms and you are seeking alternative treatments in India, treating autism with stem cell therapy in Hyderabad or Delhi might be your first choice. Let us focus on two things: knowing autism and stem cell treatment in India.

What is Autism?

Autism is a neurological problem in young children leading to social communication and interpersonal relationship issues. The autism risk factors might include: genetic discrepancies, family history, pre-mature birth, and medical conditions such as Rett syndrome or fragile X syndrome. The usual way to diagnose autism is by assessing the child behavior and development patterns. Several doctors suggest treatments for autism like physiotherapy, behavioral therapy, speech therapy as Autism has no specific medication. Besides these therapies, one should always remember that love and care can go a long way to better social interactions and overcome speech problems.

Recent reports on regenerative medicine for neurological disorders have shown the potential of stem cell therapy to significantly reverse associated symptoms by neural regeneration and rejuvenation. Many doctors and caregivers are accepting stem cell treatment for speech problem in child, based on the positive outcomes of autism research. Stem cell therapy for autism have shown positive success in terms of reduced repetitive behavior, speech problem cure, and better concentration in daily activities.

Stem Cell Therapy for Autism in India

If you are looking at Stem cell therapy for autism in India, you have taken a great decision! If you are a guardian of an autistic child and looking into stem cell therapy for autism in Hyderabad, Delhi, and other places in India, let us help you.

India has many stem cell therapy hubs, in and around the capital cities of Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai. If you are searching stem cell therapy for autism in Hyderabad, there are very few institutes or hospitals that can help you with that. But if you are looking for the best quality of autism care and stem cell therapy for speech problems, Advancells holds one of the top five positions in India. Advancells is a pioneering stem cell-research based company with a record of successful medical consultation and treatment with the help of experienced clinicians and researchers. Advancells has helped many children with autism with unstable behavior patterns and speech problems by providing the best quality of stem cell therapy and encouraging rehabilitation therapies like hyperbaric oxygen therapy and physiotherapy for better improvements.

If you are looking for stem cell treatment in Hyderabad or stem cell therapy for autism in India, these points must be considered:

  • The price is almost less than half of what countries like UK, USA and Germany charge. Thus, India is a preferable stem cell therapy destination for international patients.
  • Before you decide to go for stem cell treatment in Hyderabad or other places in India, you should look into the quality and viability of the stem cells along with a proper understanding of the clinic/hospital lab and procedure.
  • Every patient needs to consider availing a quality certificate for assessment and cell processing before going ahead with stem cell therapy in India.

If you are worried about the issues that your child goes through and are looking for the best stem cell therapy for autism in Hyderabad or other cities in India, consult us today with just a call at +91-96543-21400 or mail [email protected]

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