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Hepatitis B is an inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis B is a viral infection generally caused due to the direct contact with the infected person or indirect contact with the body fluids such as infected blood, semen or other body fluids. It is also evident that a baby born from the infected mother also can be hepatitis B positive as the virus can transfer placenta.

Some of the commonly associated symptoms of HBV can be

  • Chills
  • High fever
  • Headaches or body aches
  • Yellowing of skin or eyes
  • Dark colored urine
  • Pale Bowel Movements

In general, Hepatitis B can be prevented with the help of the vaccine. All babies and adults can always opt for the vaccines, which is given in three shots. Although the prevention is easier than its cure. Once the person is infected with HBV, it does not get better and can last for a lifetime. Chronic HBV can lead to scarring of the liver, which in later stage may even cause complete liver failure or liver cancer. This particular condition has no known cure. However, certain medications are available to help the patient to get rid of the pain he is suffering from. However, their long term use can be harmful and can be the major reason for the entry of other opportunistic infections.

Treatment for Hepatitis

With the help of the current advancements in the medical science, stem cells technology can be a potential alternative to treat deadly diseases such as Hepatitis. Stem cells are the youngest cells of the body, which are capable of differentiating into many different cells with the help of proper secretion of growth factors and other cytokines. These remarkably potent cells are thus exploited by the healthcare sector to treat a variety of chronic illnesses, for which known domain of treatment is not present.

Here at Advancells, the treatment has been offered to patients who have been suffering from chronic HBV and desperately looking for the potential alternative treatment option to produce a cure, regenerate liver and regain the energy before being stuck down with the Hepatitis B. The human bone marrow is an abundant source of resident stem cells, which can be effectively utilized for blood related disorders. They serve as a sort of cellular repair system, continuously subdividing, giving rise to one stem cell and one tissue specific cell may be liver cell, that could potentially repair liver; that has been scarred or damaged by chronic hepatitis B.

Stem Cells Therapy for Hepatitis B - Advancells

Along with the stem cells injection, a stimulation therapy can also be suggested in some of the cases as per the requirement, wherein the body’s natural ability to create new stem cells, their multiplication and differentiation into required tissue specific cells is boosted.

Many patients who have undergone Hepatitis B Treatment with us have reported

  • No reported case of ill effect from the treatment
  • Considerably low viral load within few month of the treatment
  • Reduced liver inflammation & improved function as evident from the liver function tests
  • Increased stamina, energy and willpower observed.

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