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Erectile dysfunction is the medical term for impotence. ED is a curable medical disorder characterized by the inability to obtain or maintain a firm adequate erection for sexual intercourse. ED can strike any man at any age, and the causes of ED are frequently complicated. The first step in finding appropriate treatment is to assess your circumstances.

Recent Clinical Trial on Stem Cell Therapy for ED

According to current clinical study results, stem cells can improve substantial erectile function to allow previously unable men to have impulsive intercourse. It was the first time stem cell therapy has resulted in people regaining firm erections to engage in sexual activities.

  • Numerous groups have sought to establish stem cell treatment as a treatment for erectile dysfunction in past years, but the developments have not been sufficient to allow concerned men to engage in full sexual intercourse. As per statistics presented at the European Association of Urology congress in London, 8 out of 21 patients successfully restored sexual performance.
  • The investigators from Odense, Denmark, used mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) derived from abdominal fat cells, and none of the 21 guys reported any adverse reactions during the clinical trial or the following year. The stem cells were extracted and injected into the corpus cavernosum of the penis of each man.
  • After six months of treatment, 8 of the 21 patients reported that they had regained significant erection strength, allowing them to engage in penetrative sex. This improvement has persisted a year, indicating that stem cell therapy may have long-term benefits.

The studies assessed the efficacy, feasibility, and safety of stem cell therapy across 6 to 12 month follow-up periods. The harvesting and injection of stem cells were both safe.
To summarize, the trials found that erectile function improved with no major side effects.

Future Prospects for the treatment of ED

According to significant research, erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common complaint about men as they age (even young men struggle). It’s not surprising; ageing impacts everyone, prompting our tissues and physiological functions to lose functionality as we age. Yet, what is startling is the impact that any degree of ED has on the standard of living of its victims. However, there is also some positive news! Preclinical and clinical trial data show stem cell therapy’s clinical relevance for erectile dysfunction induced by underlying conditions.

Alternative Treatment

Also, another restorative approach that can enhance the efficiency of stem cells for erectile dysfunction is stem cell therapy with shockwave treatment and platelet-rich plasma. This can greatly impact the underlying causes of ED in the patient.

  • Shockwave Treatment: In this treatment, a device is placed around the penis which generates pulses. These pulses stimulate the blood flow in the penis which ultimately helps in maintaining an erection.
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma: PRP therapy is used in the treatment of many diseases. Regenerative effects of PRP has been found to be helpful in the treatment of ED.

Here is the link to one of our patients who was struggling with ED and has reported visible improvements in his condition and is able to engage in sexual activities. If you are looking for a consultation on stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction, then get in touch with us now at [email protected] for further information.

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