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Benjamin Franklin theoretically proposed that we generally tend to age more quickly, in comparison to the wisdom that is being achieved.  It has been estimated that gene associated aging can contribute to only 5 to 20% of the aging that occurs in an average human being; and the rest is the result of how we are treating our bodies and provoke good genes to be switched on, in order to be younger forever! In this regard, Jonny Bowden, one of the bestselling authors of many lifestyles related books has identified the four horsemen of aging!

These four factors are pinpointed to be very dangerous for rapid age-related changes in our bodies; and hence, it is important to understand these four factors and control them to the extent of keeping away heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. They can further be explained as follows:

Free Radicals

If you have ever encountered dust particles attacking the car, you can very well correlate similar phenomenon of chemically unstable free radicals, attacking and further destroying skin cells. Since the damage due to these culprits occurs at cellular as well as DNA levels, the processes are believed to be accelerating aging, by experts. Different investigations have further encountered that these free radicals can be carcinogenic; although you cannot completely get rid of these molecules, as they are a part of our day to day living. However, you can definitely reduce their exposure by limiting access to cigarettes, trans fats, excessive exposure to the sun, etc.


In general, inflammation is a part of our immune system elicited against the foreign invaders; however, in many issues characterized by aging like Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, bone disorders, etc. Inflammation can play a very crucial role. In fact, with a continued state of inflammation, an immune system can even target healthy tissue-specific cells; and hence, can promote aging. Studies have pinpointed that diet like whole grain, fatty fish, vegetables and monounsaturated fats can keep the inflammation at bay. Other than specified, spices like turmeric, Indian whole spices, and chocolates also express anti-inflammatory properties; further making a real impact on the process of aging. Regular exercise is another key to reduce the inflammation, which can be achieved by producing anti-inflammatory chemicals that are helpful to promote a weight loss.


Being too sweet is also very dangerous, as in; studies have evaluated the role of glucose in a combination of protein and fat to promote the production of molecules that may lead to early aging. In this regard, many experiments have proven that the end product due to advanced Glycation due to excessive sugar addition in the food components can accelerate the process of aging. As per the guidelines proposed by the American Heart Association, women should not consume more than 100 calories per day, whereas men should restrict their calories intake to 150 a day.


Have you ever thought over why does the president of the countries age twice as rapidly when on duty than at home relaxing? It is because of too much of a stress. Always being under pressure, stimulate the release of different stress hormones that are responsible for high blood pressure and rapid pulse rates. However, it is a very interesting fact to understand that your body mechanism to reduce the stress is so intense that it immediately releases hormone cortisone.  Research has indicated that continuously elevated levels of cortisone can affect the hippocampus region of the brain, which is required to be functional for long term memory. Excessive stress can also promote the accumulation of belly fat, increases inflammation and promotes insulin resistance.

four horsemen of Ageing