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Therapeutic Potential of Stem Cells in Orthopedics– Variety of musculoskeletal disorders and other orthopedic injuries are in existence, without any definitive therapeutic alternative. This myriad of disease conditions could potentially be benefitted from upcoming technologies, such as stem cells therapy over surgery. The ultimate goal of the science of regenerative medicine is to allow functional restoration of ailing tissues, by understanding complex intracellular dynamics. The purpose of the present write up is to offer working potential of stem cells and discuss therapeutic modalities in case of many orthopedic disorders.

Therapeutic Potential Of Stem Cells in Orthopedics:

As a matter of fact, increasing awareness has allowed more accessibility towards the use as well as misuse of stem cells; without understanding their scientific basis. It should be noted that our body is made up of billions of cells, which are working together to complete different assigned tasks for the functional capability of a tissue. Although, when tissues are damaged as a result of the diseased condition, their reparative mechanism becomes inefficient to take care of the apparent cellular loss, due to damage and hence additional supplementation becomes a necessity. Even tissue-specific stem cells that are present in the niche of the tissue become incompetent, to take care of the tremendous degeneration. In this regard, stem cells therapy can be a potential alternative through which body’s other underutilized abundant stem cell sources can be exploited for the isolation of large number of stem cells, which can be processed under controlled environment and infused back at the site of injury; in order to reinforce strength of tissue-specific stem cells. This reinforcement will, in turn, be capable of strengthening body’s response against diseased condition through secretion of different immune regulatory cells, regenerating lost or damaged cells and accelerating the process of functional recovery in a better way.

Additional, technological aspect of providing patient’s own platelet rich plasma along with concentrated stem cells is to allow rapid secretion of a variety of growth factors, enzyme inhibitors, and immunoregulatory hormones to modulate the process of healing. This platelet rich plasma, when coupled with the regenerative potential of stem cells isolated from patients own body tissues can speed up the process of healing in a better way.

Myriad of diseases are being treated with stem cells therapy including musculoskeletal and orthopedic disorders. Studies have confirmed evidence of complete management of various orthopedic disorders, like:

  • Acute and chronic osteoarthritis, degenerative arthritis of weight-bearing joints
  • Sports injuries, including ligament tear, tendonitis, etc.
  • Spinal cord injuries like disc degeneration, facet joints, etc.

The ultimate goal of regenerative medicines in the treatment of degenerative orthopedic disorders is to reduce pain, undergo effective symptomatic management of the disease and halt the progression. Worldwide clinical studies that have been carried under the guidance of clinical and scientific professionals have indicated promising recovery benefits with the great clinical outcome. Nevertheless, many independent investigators have studied feasibility, safety as well as accessibility of stem cells therapy, by effectively reducing pain and other symptomatic problem. So far noted success rates are found to be 70-90%; through effective pain relief, functional improvisation and steady disease management.

Thus, stem cells therapy is the current best viable option for the treatment of a variety of degenerative disorders, which is based upon the sound biological principles.