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We had become so habituated with the fast lifestyle in the 21st century that the only respite was the weekends to deal with our blues! But since the outbreak of COVID-19, our busy hectic schedules have taken a pause and we are locked up in our homes to control the infection rate and flatten the curve. From this quarantine situation, a weird sense of helplessness and restlessness arises to affect our mental health with stress and anxiety. Hence this is an important juncture to discuss overall mental well-being and how to deal with stress and anxiety during COVID-19.

How to Befine Stress and Anxiety?

Hans Selye defined stress as the non-specific response of the body to any demand. The demand can be physical, psychological, or even social. Stress can at times work towards boosting motivation and encouragement for productivity but an excess of it may affect the body physically and mentally. Stress may lead to various symptoms like headaches, hypertension, chest pain, sleep apnea, panic attacks, stroke, and depression.

To put in simple terms, Anxiety is the body’s response to stress, i.e., the fear and tension of what’s ahead! Anxiety gives rise to negative responses to nervous breakdown and panic attacks. So, in these times of pandemic, it should be in our best interest to ward off the stress and anxiety factors to prevent our mental health from being affected. This is not just for the people sitting in their homes and feeling frustrated but also for the healthcare frontline workers who are working relentlessly to make the world COVID-19 free.

How to Deal with Anxiety and Stress?

Dealing with stress and anxiety is easy but maintaining it stably is the key! We are here to help you with developing healthy habits so that you can maintain a stress-free lifestyle.

Eat Healthily: Foods can help the body fight off infections and provide nutrition effectively. Thus it is always important to eat healthy and immunity-boosting foods. Eating a balanced diet can help the body ward of unnecessary physical tension and health ailments.

Exercise: It is important to keep our muscles active and working during the lockdown and the best way for that is exercising daily. It will help with body movements, flexibility, and impart goodness to deal with negative situations like COVID-19 lockdown.

Sleep Well: A sound 6-8hrs of night’s sleep can revive the body’s stamina and health like nothing else. It helps to calm the body and mind. Meditation can help in regulating sleeping patterns and improve sleep cycles.

Find Happiness in little things: Always do activities that make you feel happy. It might be cooking, painting, reading, dancing, or anything you like. This will occupy your mind and leave no scope for negative thoughts to manifest. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE.

Connect with friends & family: This is an ideal time to connect with friends or family members online. Good memories and happiness will surely follow with this connection between loved ones.

Believe in Facts: It is advisable to refrain from watching and believing everything that comes your way during this COVID19 situation. Only believe in checked and trustworthy sources for facts to prevent any sort of stress or panic attacks.

Follow the safety measure: Last but not the least, it is advisable to follow all the precautionary measures that have been sanctioned by the government and stay in quarantine to prevent the spread of infection. It is important to stay calm and have the rightfully directed mindset to be happy and be at peace. Connect with Advancells at [email protected], and you can also give us a call on +91-9654321400 for Your Inquiries.

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