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Stem cells are at the cutting edge of one of medicine’s most exciting and groundbreaking fields today. Stem cells have the potential to help treat a variety of ailments by generating healthy new cells and tissue, according to doctors. It has been found that there are several diseases that can be treated by stem cells. Whether you want to safeguard your family as a parent by keeping your baby’s precious cord blood stem cells when he/she is born or using your own bone marrow cells for treating diseases- stem cells are great in terms of alleviating the effects of various diseases.

Stem cells are derived from cord blood or other sources of similar types of hematopoietic cells like bone marrow, peripheral blood cells can be used to treat a variety of diseases like acute and chronic forms of leukemia, stem cells disorders, myeloproliferative disorders, various neurodegenerative disorders and many more.

Apart from the wide range of disorders that may now be treated, the promise of stem cell treatments is the most exciting line of science as new possibilities emerge. The viability and efficacy of using stem cells to treat diseases are undeniable.

You must be aware of the conditions like lungs diseases, neurological diseases, etc, that can be cured by stem cells but here are some astonishing diseases that can be treated by stem cells:

Type 1 Diabetes in Children

The cases of type 1 diabetes in children are increasing every day. Researchers have discovered that stem cells can be transformed into insulin-producing cells and hence, can help in curing diabetes. Stem cells have been found to work wonders when they are isolated, grown, and transplanted in children affected by type 1 diabetes.

Brain Tumors

In the groundbreaking area of stem cells, researchers have discovered that the herpes virus when trapped with stem cells, can help in the treatment of brain tumors. Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) have been used as effective drug delivery frameworks as well as carriers of cancer-fighting viruses. When this virus carried from stem cells to tumorous cells, it greatly helped in tumor debulking. This technique has facilitated the development of new treatments for this cancer.

Heart- Diseases

It has been decades since stem cells have been in use in the treatment of heart diseases. Researchers have developed a ‘mini heart’ out of stem cells to help restore blood flow from veins that lack functional valves. A cuff-like organ manufactured of cardiac muscle cells that can be incorporated over veins to help blood flow through venous segments has been developed. Because this cuff is made from the patient’s own cells, the chances of tissue rejection are reduced.

Skin Conditions

A new study has discovered that stem cell-based gene therapy could even cure skin blisters or skin tumors. Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a genetic disease, can now be successfully cured with stem cell therapy. Skin stem cells were transplanted into the legs of a patient suffering from this genetic disease in this study, and natural skin function was regained without any side effects.

Hearing loss

Damage to the ear is the most common cause of hearing loss. A study discovered that spiral ganglion stem cells that are found in the inner ear could be used to revive hearing. Spiral ganglion stem cells have the ability to self-renew and differentiate into various types of cells and these ganglions can be differentiated and regenerated into spiral ganglions, nerves, and glial cells. As a result, they can be used to design the inner neural structure of the ear, which can aid in the treatment of hearing loss.


Lately, stem cell therapy has shown tremendous results in curing HIV/AIDS. There have been many documented cases in which people have been cured of HIV using stem cell therapy. One such case is of a man who has been cured of HIV with stem cell transplantation in the US.


The most common conditions for which stem cell transplants are used are leukemia and lymphoma. They could also be applied to multiple myeloma and neuroblastoma. Clinical trials are investigating the use of stem cell transplantation for other forms of cancer.

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