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It is normal for men to have erectile problems occasionally but when successful erections during sexual activity become an exception, the condition can be taken as that of erectile dysfunction. The question raised how we can treat Erectile Dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction can be defined as a problem in achieving or maintaining an erection during sexual intimacy.

As for erectile dysfunction, there are some causes which one can voluntarily cut off and there are some causes which one has to medically treat.  The causes one can remove from their lifestyle include some medication or drug, excess weight, smoking or drinking habits, or maybe just excessive mental stress. Kicking off these habits may help to treat erectile dysfunction problems without the need for any treatment but for causes related to hormonal imbalance or psychological issues, treating the cause requires clinical help and efforts. Sometimes though, this disorder is caused by a mix of different causes and stopping one cause or treating another may not provide a solution. It is therefore always suggested to consult an experienced medical practitioner when one can face a rare situation of erection during sexual activities.


Nowadays, owing to the huge popularity of pills like Viagra, men lacking an erection often avail of these pills to enhance their sexual masculinity. But is Viagra the solution to an erectile dysfunction problem?

Viagra started its market around 1998 and transformed the treatment of erectile dysfunction. But before Viagra, testosterone was an important medical therapy for the disorder. Testosterone is the main hormone in the male sexual response and it helps the male body in triggering sexual excitation and erection. But more levels of testosterone don’t mean more erection. Many men with perfectly normal levels of testosterone have erectile problems too. Many doctors do not consider prescribing testosterone as feasible unless certain other symptoms like reduced libido or low levels of testosterone are also present in a patient with erectile dysfunction. But according to many medical practitioners, the first choice for patients with erection problems and low testosterone is to provide testosterone therapy before going for Viagra. If improvement is not satisfactory for the patients, it is fine to add Viagra doses along with testosterone therapy.

Any other medications to treat Erectile Dysfunction?

As mentioned before, Viagra is considered as the prime medication for erectile issues. This current medication regime for erectile dysfunction belongs to a class of drugs that enhance blood flow to the spongy tissues in the penis and this flow helps in attaining an erection. These pills tend to work more reliably than testosterone, and the response is usually quicker. But like testosterone, they don’t work for about 30% of men as per clinical reports.

Implants and pumps?

If medications aren’t effective in some cases, the doctor might recommend the usage of penile pumps or suggest penile implants. Penile pumps and implants are suggested to patients who have not received satisfactory results with hormone therapy or medications. The pumps create a vacuum that pulls the blood into vessels and thus helping in erection, whereas the implants are surgically placed which are malleable or inflatable. There is always a lingering risk of infection in these cases.

Any alternative therapy to treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Several research studies have confirmed the positive applications of stem cells in tissue repair and regeneration and owing to these potentials, stem cells have also been marked effective in cases of erectile dysfunction. Regenerative medicine has its own natural way of rejuvenating the penile region’s blood vessels and ensuring good blood flow for achieving a better erection. Moreover, not only blood vessels but stem cells also can help in repairing damaged penile tissues which can also cause erectile problems in the patients.

Thus, erectile dysfunction is not a hopeless disorder that cannot be cured. The therapies and medications mentioned above have shown significant results in patients suffering from erectile problems. Regenerative medicine is also developing in leaps and bounds to become the safest way to achieve successful erections without surgeries or infection risks. But, on a broader level, coming out from the shell of sexual attention, erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of atherosclerosis which causes blood vessels to clog and can lead to stroke or heart diseases in the future. Thus, erectile dysfunction should be dealt with in a more systemic way rather than just putting a patient on hormones and drugs.