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Diet is a major factor when it comes to Motor Neuron Disease (MND)/ amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) as a lower Body Mass Index (BMI) is associated with worsening diseased conditions. With a good diet, maintaining a healthy body weight for proper functioning, metabolism, and nutrition optimization is essential for MND treatment aid. Without a healthy diet, weight loss and hyper metabolism side effects can affect MND patients adversely. Studies by MND medical experts have shown the positive effects of a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and omega-3 fatty acids. Researchers have also pointed out that diet rich in saturated fats, carbs, and glutamate are associated with MND/ALS risk and early disease onset. Patients with antioxidants, carotenoids, and micronutrient-rich diet have reported better therapeutic response around the time of diagnosis and therefore the medical community believes that better nutrition can translate into reduced disease progression.

Diet for Motor Neuron Disease

In the case of ALS or MND ailment, a high-calorie diet is recommended with nutritional optimization as patients are not in a condition to properly swallow or chew their foods. However, the portions of different foods in the diet are much controversial based on energy sources. Therefore, bypassing the controversy, MND treatment is aided with nutraceuticals and dietary supplements. Nutraceuticals are minerals, vitamins, and plant-based organic foods that enhance the good micronutrient dietary intake of the patients. Talking about nutraceuticals in MND treatment, a special mention of Deanna Protocol is important which deals with dietary supplement regimen to improve cellular function besides providing hypothesized neuroprotection. Although this protocol has not been clinically validated, a few studies have shown successful results with this regimen. Doctors unanimously agree on providing MND patients with high-calorie nutrition and targeted specific dietary supplements to reduce MND ailment and enhance the quality of life. Let us discuss some specific dietary requirements to aid MND treatment:

  • Fiber: Increasing dietary fibers promote lower inflammation and enhanced gut health. These fibers help in optimized expression of gut hormones like ghrelin for stimulating appetite.
  • Vitamin B12: Vit B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that plays an important role in the nervous system homeostasis and some studies have shown that B12 administration into the muscle within 12 months of symptom onset reduces disease progression and prolongs health.
  • Carnitine: Carnitine is an essential antioxidant for preventing oxidative damage and stress in the neural tissues. Milk, beans, avocado are good sources of this antioxidant.
  • Enteral Nutrition: The technique of hypercaloric feeding through a gastrostomy (PEG) in MND patients, who have difficulty in swallowing food (also known as dysphagia), has proven to increase survival rate and aid MND treatment. The emphasis on antioxidants and targeted macronutrient dietary supplements can positively influence the course of treatment but conventional treatments for MND do not have a good success rate and patients mostly rely on physiotherapies and occupational therapies. Therefore, alternative therapies have been welcomed by the medical community for treating MND/ALS.

MND diet

Alternative Therapy for Motor Neuron Disease

Stem cell Therapy for MND has become popular with several studies showing positive effects in patients. Stem cells have the ability to repair damaged body tissues and rejuvenate the tissue environment in our body, in a safe and natural manner. Stem cell therapy helps in naturally repairing the neural damage and restores the cognitive impairment in patients without any severe side effects. This new MND treatment regime has brought a revolution in the disease diagnosis and healing for supporting more patients in leading a life with reduced MND disease complications. For more information and proper medical consultation regarding the treatment of MND/ALS in India, contact Advancells at info@advancells.com and Stay In Touch.